Artist database provides a global overview of contemporary skill-based visual art.

It shows the cultural identity of each of the more than 200 different nations and (semi)independent regions on earth.
Because it reveals the many different backgrounds and traditions that give a country its autonomous cultural significance. Thus, it portrays the artistic level in visual arts of every country in the world.

Qualitative criteria for skill-based art are:
- intrinsic values (the meaning of the work);
- the formal-technical skills (the knowhow and ability with which the work has been made);
- distinctive merits (special skills, originality or otherwise remarkable qualities).

Focus points are the 'classical' visual arts: drawing and painting, graphic techniques and sculpture.

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Artist Database is initiated the Dutch Classical Art Center, www.classicalartcentre.com in collaboration with the International League of Fine Art Schools, www.ilfas.org