Artist Database is a collaboration between the Classical Art Center, www.classicalartcentre.com the International League of Fine Art Schools, www.ilfas.org and the online classical ART college, www.classicalartcollege.com

Artist Database offers a digital survey of visual artists from all countries affiliated to the United Nations, plus some regions, contested or uncontested (art transcends political borders). A search was made for the highest artistic quality a country can offer.

You are free to place the link of this site on your own website, to distribute via Social Media, etc.

The following criteria apply:
Participating artists must meet reasonable quality requirements.
Criteria are: the intrinsic value (the meaning of the work); the formal value (the skill and ability with which the work has been made) and the distinctive value (originality or otherwise special merit).
Focus points are the 'classical' visual arts: drawing and painting, graphic techniques and sculpture.
Transitional forms to architecture (installation art), theatre (performances) and film (video art) are not included. Other platforms serve this purpose.

Participation is primarily on the recommendation of an art school affiliated with ILFAS.
However, suggestions can be made by filling in and sending the nomination form on this site. Balloting is done by the Classical Art Center foundation.
A confirmation of receipt will then be sent, but unfortunately it is not possible to give further reasons or motivation why a suggestion will or will not be accepted.
This is only evident from a publication on the site.
Listing on the Artist database is free of charge. Only for the placement of a web address we charge € 15 administration costs. For registration please fill in the nomination form.

In the absence of a placement, we advise you to contact one of the vocational art schools affiliated with the International League of Fine Art Schools: https://ilfas.org/connected-art-schools/